Corn on the Cobbin

It's been a while and Corn was stoked to be back appearing on his favourite skateboarding blog.
Some white van radgies positioned themselves tacticallly in the background of Corn's pic, desperately hoping to achieve bgps. If you look closely you can see them beaming at the prospect of appearing on such an esteemed and credible shralp outlet, known by all in the local area. 
Not wanting to fall behind on the latest regional shred, Corn checked the Digital Deekies instagram.

Then he hoyed himself a peanut lion bar.
The Joshua Cobbin was back for the weekend and getting it dun for his section in Mustard's video.
Once Mustard was done stepping off his board mid line for no reason, Josh went in. Hold tight a high speed downhill bigspin, combining poetry in motion with being purely Ted Baker. 

Baltic Ballin'

In the midst of a harsh winter only one shralp zone remains. North East number 1 juvi dodger the Barry Peach was posted hoying himself a favourite snoot.
Doctor Dipsle attended to his deputy mayoral waxing duties. 
Supreme Zest was on session.
As was the Biscuit with his trademark claw.
Bart Simpson x real life 
Doctor Dipsle had that gucci water on deck. 
Then it snowed.

"I've been a filmer for 10 years, I know what looks good!"

The session started off at Haymarket with local OG and skate scene historian Christopher Mustardrangu. He appointed himself supreme spot dictator for the day, as he always does.
First spot was a Mustardrangu special. As usual Mustard went in with a few switch noseslides.
Kind Adam appeared and was feeling extra kind, so hugged it out with a nearby statue.
Mustard didn't like this spot because he hadn't chosen it, so we quickly moved on.
We headed over the tyne bridge.
Upon viewing some local graffiti Mustard was feeling particularly gully, so opted for this photo to be taken.
Next spot was The Sage, another Mustard favourite. Some well aii wikid radgeys were on their way in, hoping to catch the 3 o'clock rendition of Beethoven's 5th by the Northern Philharmonic.
Glen was on the session accompanied by his special friend, Hutchy. He recently started doing volunteer work for a charity whose aim it is to bring the gift of shred to the mentally incapacitated. Glen helps provide Hutchy with physical therapy via the medium of shralp. For more information on similar schemes operating in your area call now on 0800-337 4501.
We passed low quality shralp emporium 'the skate shack.' 20% off while stocks last.
Next spot was Gateshead smooth path. As usual Mustard led the charge. If you look closely you can see the switch noseslide groove etched into his board like a scar of shred related glory.
The Hooberstank Waffle was on the session.
As was a yung Will Creswick, clad in a selection of wavey garms. It's ok though, he's wearing them ironically. This allows him to remain legit in skateboarding while ensuring his middle-class school friends don't disown him. He's on thin ice however, he almost looks like he's 'bout that life.' Next he'll be smoking weed by himself.
Prince of the shralp Mani Haddon was ready to show some of Gateshead's finest piss stained crust who's boss.
And he did just that. Look out for the footage in Mustard's upcoming Newcastle based shred production; the originally named 'Northern Souls' which will be out next October.

Click here if the video doesn't load.

The Day After Boxing Day

The session started off in Native which was like a scene from Supermarket Sweep. An army of young shredders, Whitley Bay spice-boys and oriental hypebeasts had gathered, all eager to spend that Christmas loot on shralp produce. The Jackie was behind the counter dishing out brucey bonuses left, right and center.
Lewis was hyped.
This is Native's employee parking zone. The Toy Machine one is Lewis' and the other two are Jackie's. Jackie needs two because he Yeah Right manuals home everyday.
Some shredders were posted outside keepin toot.
First spot was the ledge round the corner from Native. dD triple OG's David Hopper and the kind Adam were on the session.
As was a trill hobo. 
Will Creswick get it done.
Next spot was China Town ledge.
This local glue enthusiast hoyed himself a snoot.
This woman got in Hopper's way when he was filming a line then she said something in Cantonese which roughly translated as "THAT'LL DEE." 
The last spot was the uni library bank. Adam and Hopper posed for their favourite selfie on the way.

click here if the video won't load.

5Bridges Slip n' Slide

Met the Biscuit at bridges for some shred, it was soaked as usual.
"It's sweet man, Ghetto's bringin a towel"
The Ghetto Sean arrived soon after strapped with the ting in his
 trademark CeX bag.
"We do this all the time."
Ghetto Sean aka Dr. Dipsle recently broke his big toe on a
 900 in dynamix bowl so couldn't get fully turnt.
He did land a sick back 180 switch 5-0 to regs though, embracing the damp like an aquatic shralp champion.
iPhones are pretty shit for shred pictures. Hold tight the return of the
OG deekie machine.
Wallie into the kicker. Photo cred; Dr. Dipsle.
The Mayor of Bridges tending to his constituency. 

Click on the lil vimeo button if you're tryna see that in HD.