Digital Deekies 5Bridges jam. April 4th. With Netto Prawn's Game of Skate and Dr. Dipsle's Best Tricksle on the hubba and the block. £2 entry for both contests. Special guest judging panel. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd courtesy of Native Skate Store. Under 18 and over 18 winners. Filmed by OG filmer Krishna Bish for 

Very limited dD merchandise available on the day aswell as BBQ and refreshments. In aid of the wasteland summer building fund of 2015. In conjuction with Native Skate Store, Dr. Dipsle™ and the mayor of bridges.


Wasteland pre-season kicked off recently. Horkupine Hound has been getting himself aquainted with his new home for the coming months.
Jack Peach was on session chomping on a tasty Dipsledawg.
Some lethal radgie's built a dirt jump right next to the quarter. That's gunna have to be neutralised before the huckleberry youth of Byker descends on it permanently (which has already begun.) 
Here you can see the first few waves of hucklets already making themselves comfy. Luckily Dr.Dipsle was there to make them all drop in.
 "A cannit do it man al pony mesel!"


The session started off at West Jesmond School. 
Matty Smith was back on the block and getting it done for the lads and lasses.
As was Josh Cobbin.

Glen showed everyone his favourite video; the infamous Adam Stitt live art performance. Click here to see for yourself.
[Warning: Please prepare for up to 24 hours of mental 
bereavement upon viewing]
Codename W.Snipe was on session.
Mustard's strange perception of skateboarding led us on the usual tour of local dink. This waist high rail with sideways only gravel run up was one of his better picks. Them chill Saturday spots  
Glen popped into the local synagogue for a quick and much needed circumcision on the way past.  
Matty Smith nosegrind pop over. Taken by dD resident photographer Adam Thirtle.


Hit up Exi with The Biscuit yesterday.
He had Black Sabbath on loop all day.
After a brief period of meditation in a nearby hobo tent we were ready to get it done.
The crep game was on point outside the tent, letting everyone that passed know that this was the residency of a real pimp tight playa.
Mythical OG 'Lunchbreak Joe' was spotted shredding the bowl. Sadly when the clock struck 2 he had to get back to the office and bailed before he could be photographed. 
A1 Day1 Exi shredder Early Morning Sean was on session.
The Biscuit unearthed a hoisty in the bushes and took that for a spin real quick.

Barcelona x dD

A few months ago I invited myself on a Barcelona trip with Lewis, M.C. Michael Kelly and Chips. Last week we flew out for a taste of summer sun, steezy nollie crooks and buttery ledges... which is exactly what we got.

We drank cerveza, checked out lasses and laid down the shred. See Lewis here striking his holiday pose before heading straight to Mc Donalds. We also saw Jesus Fernandez snap a child's board at Macba because he couldn't land a trick. Ask Lewis for details.
We got carried away teasing Chips. He left us a few times as he was pretty over it. Here you see Chips returened to the group on our last evening together. I was stoked. Chips was not.
I didn't take many skateboarding photos however here he is Lewis with a Bs Powerful slide feat. Arc de Triomf.
Very very steeze.
This happened every morning. Chips was not as happy about it as he looks.
Chips was so over us we had to dismantle the lock from inside so he would hang out with us.
 This was our tourist day... and the reason why skateboarding is better than everything else.
Next time anyone sees M.C Michael please call him a racist because that is what he is.

I would like to make it aware of how honored I am to make a post on the worlds most prestigious and exclusive blog out there, lets hope its not the last.


Throwback Thursday pt.1

"5 Really Good Switch Kickflips" first appeared on the deekies in 2010. Crafted by the king of left field skateboard content in Newcastle: James Rooney, during his short stint as a contributor. His selection is on point as expected, opting for the lesser celebrated Keenan switch flip down the triple set over it's infamous picnic table counterpart, seen here.

"The Brothers Bruce" comes straight out the vaults of the Native forum. Filmed and edited by create_skate circa 2006, it features 2 of Gateshead's finest. 


First spot was Haymarket. Sadly it ain't what it used to be, having been battered by the cruel hand of gentrification since it's late 90's glory days. 
On the session were shralp game Ant and Dec; The Biscuit and Dr. Dipsle.
Longside the kind Adam who recently broke his editorial silence, a silence that would see the death of the dD only for it to be later resurrected under new guidance fresh for 2015.
The Log recently returned from a round the world excursion sporting the mark of Buddha on his ear. 
The Horkupine hound decided to kick clean off at Bridges the other day and turned on it's faithful master, biting him on the thumb. Instead of looking like he was in pain, Horkan instead opted to look like a serial sex offender called Jeff from Nuneaton. 

Dr. Dipsle has been stacking clips lowkey for a hot minute and recently came through with the shred, so most of today's clip is filmed via Dipslecam. He's also responsible for music supervision, carefully selecting his all time favourite tune.


The slabs on top of the Civic Centre 3 stair grindy ledge have officially been shralped loose and can be propped up on some GX1000 shit once again. If they are skated like this on any day other than Sunday security will clock the wave instantly and it will be re-cemented real quick as it was last time. Civic Centre has been 100% skateable on a Sunday of recent and anyone seen jeopardising the ting on instagram or elsewhere will be regulated. 


It is delightful to greet the thousands of dD blog viewers once again. Kind Adam, CEO, reporting from the streets of Newcastle.

Buster Caulker recently took on the role as dD's full time online content editor, this position involves long hours researching local OGs and creating effective online marketing strategies to increase engagement with the companies' target audience. One of Buster's most successful strategies as of late was the introduction of 'Doug the Dog' (pictured above). Posts featuring Doug on average make the viewer 30% more stoked than posts without.  
To help sustain interest with our core audience who have been reading the blog since it's inception 7 years ago, we often pay off a local OG to create a sense of nostalgia. The price of OGs varies depending on how prevalent the individual was to the Newcastle Skate Scene, for example this post features a high caliber OG 'The Log', as you can see he is not skateboarding in this post, as we simply cannot afford his rates at this time. 
The most valuable posts to The Digital Deekies are those that contain actual skateboarding. The above action shot also includes Horkan's hound, which as we have already discussed increases how stoked you as the reader becomes when viewing the image. Skateboarding + Dog = ££££
We will now move onto the importance of an NBD (never been done). Above, you may recognize the location as one of Newcastle's most famous skateboards spots, the civic centre, but something is different, the spot has now been altered to create a new and exciting never before seen obstacle. After weeks of research and planning with our team of architectural shralpologists we have successfully created an obstacle that allows skateboarders to get 50% more air down a 3 stair.

Sean Tracy, bravely, tried the exciting new feature for the first time. As you can see he is now at least 3 feet higher than if he was to have backside flipped straight from the flatground. A great success for science and skateboarding. 


As Winter slowly gets tae fuck, regular shralp procedure can resume. This weekend saw the return of Saturday shred, an age old tradition which has lain dormant over the recent period of prolonged cold.

The turn out got off to a slow start, consisting of me and Glen. Glen hadn't skated in 5 weeks and "couldn't be bothered to do any tricks" so what ensued was an official selfie video part. Sadly i'm no Adam Todhunter but I did what I could. 

Glen doesn't fuck around when it comes to filming and stops recording the split second that the shred is over. Due to this some clips are cut a little short.