As Winter slowly gets tae fuck, regular shralp procedure can resume. This weekend saw the return of Saturday shred, an age old tradition which has lain dormant over the recent period of prolonged cold.

The turn out got off to a slow start, consisting of me and Glen. Glen hadn't skated in 5 weeks and "couldn't be bothered to do any tricks" so what ensued was an official selfie video part. Sadly i'm no Adam Todhunter but I did what I could. 

Glen doesn't fuck around when it comes to filming and stops recording the split second that the shred is over. Due to this some clips are cut a little short. 

Wu-Tang Killa d(D)eez

 The Yoda made a rare appearance on the session. He'd been recently sandwiched.
The details were hazy but he'd been in a bar in Consett and ended up getting fed that yung B.L.T (to go)
The Horkupine Hound has been pushing his luck of recent, snaking everyone and gradually turning Bridges to a foam pit with shredded bits of his ball.
The Mayor's been considering ways to combat the troublesome hound. He's proposing a 'No Hound Zone' during peak shralp hours. 

 Special guests on today's clip include the Ol' Dirty Biscuit, Inspektah Jepett, 
U-Todd, Ghostface Chutney and Cherraekwon The Chef.

"Coast To Coast" Premiere

Saturday saw the premiere of Adam Todhunter's long awaited shralp production "Coast To Coast." It featured sections from a host of Newcastle's finest young bucks and other shredders including The Cougar, The Biscuit, The Wizzley Snipes, The Barry Peach and Corn Wallace (among others.) It also starred loads of dudes from Cumbria and beyond.
Hijinx highlights included Corn vs a mortal radgie at the Gateshead white blocks. Picture stolen from the Instagram of Buckfast Bandit Barry Peach.
The Jackie was on session at the Tyne Bar afterwards, longside a mortal Mustard.
The dD formed like Voltron real quick.
Kind Adam had been the victim of a mean sandwiching the night before but he wasn't going to let that hinder his turn up.

Didn't manage to get a picture of Todhunter so here's a nice picture from his Facebook. He put on for the homies in tremendous style and major props go out to ya boy. Not only did he film and edit the video, he also put down some hammers of his own. The nollie wallride fullcab manoeuvre was real nice.
Dr. Dipsle, still riding the buzz of his recent Bridges banger, was hitting it extra hard. 
Stand out parts of the night went to Newcastle's very own Sage & Sean; the yungs Mani Haddon and Thomas Miller. Mani's one push run-up ender that we'll not spoil for anyone that hasn't seen it yet is what's really gucci.

Shout out Jamie Adair deferring to the dark side of snoot aged 23.



Baltic Ballin pt.2

The Biscuit stays one step ahead of the cold.
Heelflip Mark life after emo.
Still flying the emo flag well into 2013 and beyond, Mark eventually decided to jump ship when Zero and Mystery went tae fuck. Since hanging up his razor blades it's been tough for him but he's managed to bounce back and now rides Native boards. Digital Deekies sends him our best wishes.
The Horkupine was on session avec Horkupine Hound.
Matty Burger switch front board.
Session over. The Biscuit gave Dr. Dipsle a lift back to his home planet real quick.

Hold tight Dr. Dipsle returning to his Kalis loving roots on the ender.

Flashback Friday

A rare edition of BWM from 2007.  With Kind Adam, Gnarly Gnarl_B, Baby Corn, Ranson, Mustard, Marra-Dale, Arnie, Jamie C, Spaka Kris and Wizzley Snipes before he became one of the homies. At the time he was member of a prolific gang of park tweakers who would later go on to collectively sport such tattoos as 'Elmo' and 'Fairly Odd Parents.'

The Vimeo player's fucked for some reason and you can't skip it or it goes back to the start. Hold tight Baby Corn pushing for 30 seconds at 01:15.

Next is a classic from the JoeV Baphomet Slave Saga by Sam Hutchinson aka Blinky. It features gnarly shred at Silksworth Skate Park by Blinky and the homies and footage of Adam Stitt on the night of the Pigs in Wigs premiere when he got too turnt and dropped 64 bars.

Corn on the Cobbin

It's been a while and Corn was stoked to be back appearing on his favourite skateboarding blog.
Some white van radgies positioned themselves tacticallly in the background of Corn's pic, desperately hoping to achieve bgps. If you look closely you can see them beaming at the prospect of appearing on such an esteemed and credible shralp outlet, known by all in the local area. 
Not wanting to fall behind on the latest regional shred, Corn checked the Digital Deekies instagram.

Then he hoyed himself a peanut lion bar.
The Joshua Cobbin was back for the weekend and getting it dun for his section in Mustard's video.
Once Mustard was done stepping off his board mid line for no reason, Josh went in. Hold tight a high speed downhill bigspin, combining poetry in motion with being purely Ted Baker. 

Baltic Ballin'

In the midst of a harsh winter only one shralp zone remains. North East number 1 juvi dodger the Barry Peach was posted hoying himself a favourite snoot.
Doctor Dipsle attended to his deputy mayoral waxing duties. 
Supreme Zest was on session.
As was the Biscuit with his trademark claw.
Bart Simpson x real life 
Doctor Dipsle had that gucci water on deck. 
Then it snowed.