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Love, Adam.

Mustard's Memories - Cam Wildsmith: The Bishcam Tapes.

So here I am again delving into the depths of my once lost hard drive. This week we get to have a look at former Canadian expat Cam Wildsmith.

For those that don't know, Cam was a regular on the Newcastle skate scene before he departed back to Canada around 2008. Known for both his amazing bowl skills and his Kerry Getz styled freak outs.

I'm not sure what he's up to nowadays but hopefully he still does a bit of shredding.

So til next week, make sure you have some mustard on your bagel.


A brand new feature has landed. 'Mustard's Memories' will be touching down every Monday at the grace of Christopher Mustardrangu himself. Anticipate *nEvEr sEeN bEfOrE* shred from a time when  everyone in the Toon used to go ham on a regular basis. Expect such footy as Marra-Kurt "i'moveritmaan" leap of faith b-sides and some Manor's double attempts that are worthy of Thrasher. Here's what Mustard had to say:

Mustard: "A few days ago I managed to salvage an old hardrive with around 10 hours of golden footage from the past. As you can imagine it's full of absolute gems, with footage dating back to around 2000. 

After a heated consultation at Digital Deekies HQ it was decided that for the best of the Toon skate historians that I should do a weekly post with clips and montages. It's kind of like when WWF and WCW joined forces to stop Communism.

I can't think of a better video for my first post than the original Wyle Sung sponsor tape. For those that don't know Wylie was a triple OG from the Newcastle scene; if you went down to the Haymarket on any weeknight or weekend you would catch Wylie smashing out the techest mannys in some bootleg DVS shoes from Hong Kong.

Unfortunately Wylie no longer shreds as he's too busy being the buffest man in Leeds, but I'll never forget his skills on a board and his ability to eat 26 slices of pizza at the Pizza Hut buffet. LEGEND.

So til next week, enjoy! Krishna 'Bish' 'Mustard' Muthurangu."

Mustard throws convention to the wind as usual with this edit, making some very rash musical decisions. Hold tight the dD Wylie Sung GCODE rEmIx coming real soon.  

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We came across some spare Fucking Smashin' stickers in dD HQ.

ANT + DEC = £2 (free postage)


The Moon Landing

The Moon is quickly becoming a pretty rad spot, the DIY commitment levels are on point with the locals. They've recently added a few extras like a painted red slappy curb and a bank to curb/ledge. I took a trip there on Sunday and although I didn't get loads of footage what I did get was some good shralp nonetheless.

First of was Rob focusing his board - Slack.
Blayne was having a break, best seat in the house.
Ben_C with some DIY ...I think
Darren Mason Front 180 switch salad
Blayne left the scene with a Muska Back*pack Smith
Here's a little edit, short but sweet.