The Moon Landing

The Moon is quickly becoming a pretty rad spot, the DIY commitment levels are on point with the locals. They've recently added a few extras like a painted red slappy curb and a bank to curb/ledge. I took a trip there on Sunday and although I didn't get loads of footage what I did get was some good shralp nonetheless.

First of was Rob focusing his board - Slack.
Blayne was having a break, best seat in the house.
Ben_C with some DIY ...I think
Darren Mason Front 180 switch salad
Blayne left the scene with a Muska Back*pack Smith
Here's a little edit, short but sweet.



First spot was The Blue Carpet. The Cougar was on the prowl, making light work of every obstacle Mustard placed in front of him. 
"The Scatman" of Scatman Pwnage  notoriety was on the session, longside The Matty Smith.
Mustard sat on the bench of the white devil.
And The Cougar warmed up for a mystery flip trick for his section in "Northern Souls" (soon land)

The Core

Today we skated one of Newcastle's newest spots, 'The Core' by St James Park. Still under construction and not quite a bust yet, make the best of it while you can.

Adam Todhunter may have just released Coast to Coast but his camera is already back out. 

The Native employees were out in full force. Lewis was completely over it, but Lewis is always completely over it. 

Create Skate is back in the country, his travels have led to his new all terrain approach to skateboarding.

Everybody loves a backsmith.






Last week saw the North East skate scene assemble at 5 Bridges to compete for Netto Prawn and Gateshead Council's skate of the year. 

The dD logo was sprayed onto obstacles and hopefully drilled into your brains in order to sell a t shirt or 2. 

The dD staff were all called out for the event, pay and a half of course. Buster takes an opportunity for a swift snoot break.

Potentially the greatest games of S.K.A.T.E to ever occur at 5 Bridges. Numerous late flips and a high volume of switch tricks. 10/10.

Dan Main; regulating.

Matthew Smith, White Sox representative was present. He landed a fantastic backwards spin to front angled grind on the lunch box; so a beer or two was the necessary celebration procedure.

Time is money. Mustard finished his filming duties and made a swift exit.

LTD Edition Stella X dD

To avoid any unnecessary bottle stains on the ledges everyone was designated their own coaster thanks to Vans. #keepbridgesclean 

Brandon Justice, the hometown hero showed Gateshead how to win a game of S.K.A.T.E against one of Newcastle skateboarding's most notorious O.Gs Scott Cherry and also took second place in the kicker  to ledge comp.

A few years back the Digital Deekies introduced you to The Cougar, a specimen initially created with the DNA of Jamie Errington and the first man to try pilgrim roof 'Chewy'. The experiment that has now matured into the fearless powerhouse you see today.  


Saturday 4th of April saw the rebirth of the once regularly honoured tradition of Digital Deekies 5 Bridges Jams. Though shackled in the early stages by our lack of pen, paper and other basic organisational implements, in the end we made do and communal shralp related vibes rained down on Bridges between the hours of 1.00pm and 7.00pm.
I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, hopefully dD resident photographer Adam Thirtle should be posting his real soon.
Major props to the Jackie for hooking us up with a wide selection of prizes for the winners and peace to vans for sponsoring the event and keeping the homies freshly dipped in the latest emo parafinalia.
Digital Deekies Wheel Co. soon land. Samples lookin real nice.
Spontaneous head judge for the best trick comp the Alex Richardson was on session.
Shoutout to all city Barry Peach for his contributions on half painting the hubba. It would have been on both sides but we were "rinsing his paint" even though we bought the paint.
Horkupine took on the role of BBQ chief in the later stages, providing the gift of high grade meat products to all in attendance.
Supreme Zest copped. Available online real soon.
I had hoped that by billing Dr.Dipsle as the poster boy of the event he would assume a role of OG respect on the day and legislate his own contest. However  I was sadly mistaken and he instead opted to go all out and try to win his own contest. He was happy to help with counting the money though, which he repeated several times.
Shoutout to all the homies that showed up. From Stockton to Sunderland, the 4 corners of the North East were well represented. We raised more than enough to get our build on at the Wasteland and building on the new bank to curbs w/ gap starts today. Expect a dD Summer Wastey Jam once there's new obstacles. Anyone that's down to build holla at ya boy Dr. Dipsle or show up to the Wasteland on any sunny day and help get it done. 

Filmed by Krishna 'Mustard' Muthurangu.


Digital Deekies 5Bridges jam. April 4th. With Netto Prawn's Game of Skate and Dr. Dipsle's Best Tricksle on the hubba and the block. £2 entry for both contests. Special guest judging panel. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd courtesy of Native Skate Store. Under 18 and over 18 winners. Filmed by OG filmer Krishna Bish for 

Very limited dD merchandise available on the day aswell as BBQ and refreshments. In aid of the wasteland summer building fund of 2015. In conjuction with Native Skate Store, Dr. Dipsle™ and the mayor of bridges.


Wasteland pre-season kicked off recently. Horkupine Hound has been getting himself aquainted with his new home for the coming months.
Jack Peach was on session chomping on a tasty Dipsledawg.
Some lethal radgie's built a dirt jump right next to the quarter. That's gunna have to be neutralised before the huckleberry youth of Byker descends on it permanently (which has already begun.) 
Here you can see the first few waves of hucklets already making themselves comfy. Luckily Dr.Dipsle was there to make them all drop in.
 "A cannit do it man al pony mesel!"