So Mini John is back and was out on the session, sadly he snakeboards now but it didn't stop the fun.   He also got me the sickest present ever.

All about these and now we need to have a fancy dress party so i can rock them in front of everyone without being weird.

So anyway the session went down and Mini John did two kickflips and got tanned off me in skate through out the day. We started feeling sleepy towards the end of the day so Dale drove me and John back tyo my crib where we had a good ole skater wash, under the arm pits and occasionally if you expect company on the balls. So we were ready to go. But where to?
To Aidan's house for a BBQ. Was tech, i ate lots of meat and relished every moment of it. Then we watched Scream 2 and John got a little scared. So as the eating of bacon and other forms of meat went on we got sleepy so we went to bed.

Sadly Mini John was not sleepy as he was totally wired off his alcohol free beer which noone told him was alcohol free so he was wide awake like a possum and decided to find a mask and run round the house scaring people.

Anyway due to his misbehavior he had to sleep in a bed which had white stains all over it so he had fun. Me and wor lass went to sleep but John decided to play Cliff Richard - Millenium Prayer at full blast. See a lot of this is obviously lies but this is true, John fucking loves a bit o' Cliff.

So finally Cliff got turned off but John decided to pretend to be a ghost and come wake us up then get into our bed and demonstrate how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. "I'm pretending to be a caterpillar becoming a butterfly on top of your girlfriend, and you're into that?" One of many Mini John statements.

He also described all of the animals women can have sex with as he went a sex museum in Amsterdam.

Sorry for the lack of skating i'll slam some in after the next session.