New York Deekies.

It was a while ago that I went to New York, but here are some pictures I would like to share from the city that never sleeps.

This was the view from our hostel. It doesn't look like a pleasant place to be wandering and it probably isn't. Even saw a fight just up the street. The hostel it's self wasn't reallly that bad, play pool until the early hours with the employees and this guy called Key. Key was a bit tweaked, he worked in Central Park riding a bike with people on the back and stayed at the hostel for somewhere to live. He was sound, stoked on my tshirts but had the worst chat up lines to people ever, such as "My name is Key, you can be lock if you like". There was a school staying at the hostel the same time as we were, bit younger than us. On our floor there was a room right next to the exit to the stairs and we got into the habit of knocking on the door when we went by. It started at that and ended up me and Doddsey waking them in the middle of the night and covering the door in tooth paste. Very mature.

We thought we would have a competition to see who could get the most photos of really fat people. It was harder than you think, I thought all Americans would be fat slobs chilling in Mcdonalds. To my suprise this was the only photo anyone took. Stoked.

I was most stoked to see this Neck Face tag above this little stall selling fake hats. Loads and loads of people ended up with the worst looking headwear I'd ever seen in my life. Still it wasn't as bad as the tweakers buying New Eras in Footlocker. The street this was on was full of fake bags and cheap shit. I heart New York tshirts as cheap as $2 here. Oh my days.

This day was full of walking, people got stoked on the Love thing and took photos. It was just off the subway somewhere....but everything in New York is just off a subway. The first day we got to New York we rid the train for an hour through all the most tweaked places in the city. Within 5 minutes of being on it, a guy jumps on shouting "I got something in my coat, all yal listen up!", everyone shitting themselves he screams the next word. "DVDs!".

Ground Zero, not really getting into that, but it fealt strangley unreal being there. Next to here was New York's cheapest worst shop ever. Selling loads and loads of cheap shit, we got taken there and had to spend an hour there in the worst shop in the whole world. Shopping on Times Square kind of made up for it with Footlocker and Element shops on every street.

This is 2 old guys chilling. There is a tribute to John Lennon on the floor right in front of these guys, but i didn't seem to take a photo. There was a woman taking us around the city at this point showing us 'Strawberry Fields' here, and where Lennon was shot.

This was from the top of the Rocker Feller centre. The only day we got the best view of the city and pissed down with rain. Stoked.

Skateboarding coming tomorrow. Love, Adam.