Legit Deekies.

First off, this kid came into Native today. He wasn't too happy that I took this photo of him, moment later he was at the window knocking giving the 'V'.

This hobo is always sitting on benches, he loves it more than the Waffle loves cowies.

Bob had a t-shirt on with the word wauld on it....apparently Penny Skateboards is the best company in the 'wauld'. Also Scottish Steph was on the session today. Little Will was lost for words when meeting the girl skateboarding eating haggis.


Hellen was hooked up with this brand new iPod today. Only has Girls Aloud on it though.

Skateboarding photo of the day. Little William ollies all the way to the road

Bustery Ass.....

Hopper is back from Barcelona tomorrow, so hopefully you will see a mega post coming from that lad. Love Adam.