mortal deekies

i was at work in the popular north east night club world headquarters on saturday night. i was throwing down hammers on the glass collecting session. i then recieved a phone call from tom fone asking me to get him +5 on the guest list. i was pretty over it. skateboarding og and native skate store owner david whitelaw a.k.a jackie then grabbed the phone and threatned me with violence if i didnt get them in free. quote "if you don't get us in for free it'll be like a scene from fucking fight club when i get down there." i didnt get them in for free but they came anyway. here is photographic evidence of jackie and his pull of the night on the session. if only he loved getting king of the how man 2&3 out on dvd as much as he loved getting off his lips.

yeah the slackie!

love buster.