the past, the present and the deekies.

Well, today I chose 10oz steaks over skateboarding and oh my was good steak. I thought of something I could do for all you digital deekies visitors when I haven't got new picture to post and other bloggers just are not stepping up the game, basically I will be posting old pictures from the session that would have been blogging material if the deekies existed back then. Enjoy.

To me these don't seem that long ago, but it was long before Little Will was born and before Arse Kid was even called Arse Kid (Sorry Glen). This was the Brothers Bruce days and the session was always epic.

Here is Log in Native. You may have already seen this if you are a fan of The Log and have him added on Myspace.

This is how everyone got warmed up back in the day. Bad back? Meldy would sort those knots and strains out for you.

The place to eat wasn't Mcdonalds or Greggs. The Wing Hong was where you would eat every day. Me and Buster tryed to get these noodles the other day, but now they don't sell them at all.

Everyone loves Coke, this was a diagram of how much better Coke is than Fanta.

Meldy liked to cry a bit on the session, you know...just to get it out of his system. Back then it was fine to cry on the session, nowadays you would get 'burst' or 'focused'.

Here is David Rushworth next to a wall that says 'David'. The laughs we had.

Here is a little prissick session filmed and edited by the one, the only, Simie.

And tomorrow....back to the futre. Love Adam.