Day after Deekies.

Way Up North was last night, it was good, some would say fantastic, I'd probably agree.

Anyway so everyone was stoked from it so the Wasteland session was on the cards. Got down there and it was rammed with kids I'd never seen in my life before. Premiere's always seem to bring out new faces.

Jimmy Boyce as seen in such videos as Chicagof, L&F and now Way Up North.

Today was a bad day for anyone filming a video. They were dealing with the aftermath of Way Up North and their board snapped right down the nose, just jokes.

Rad Ned's foot started bleeding pretty heavily after a screw to foot a week or two ago. It was pretty gnarly as you could see the actual spiral of the countersink in his foot. Hope it heals up soon.

Jamie's board managed to continue to get worse and ended up with only the tail holding the two pieces together.

Blinky may look gay but he is actually quite good on the ol' board and four wheels.

Matty Smith took time out from working in a coal mine to come and get rad. He did a rather sick stunt today which I poached a photo of but I dunno if Ben is posting them yet so I'll leave it for now.

Little Connor may be a good skater and a womaniser but he doesn't half like to pose.

He also has the gayest throw ever.

Ginger Jamie decided to motivate Little Connor into filming bigger hammers for SP&TY by spinning him round till his head turned bright red. London Tom was worried that in doing this Jamie would start a blackhole and the whole world would end so ran in to attack Jamie but the Mad Professor escaped and the world is still in danger but for today at least we can rest easy.