Long Time Overdue-deekies.

First off I've got some footage from over the last few days. Nothing epic, just some shonkily filmed little tricks from when we've been out.
Give it a click.

We also have a few pictures of the Jackie in his natural environment. Jackie's true colours really show when there's a camera on the session.




Moving on, I also took some photos of the rapidly growing Cramlington Plaza, which seems to have obstacles sprouting out of nowhere every time I visit. Pretty stoked on it though, can't wait until that bad lads finished. Only a five minute skate from my house, I'll be chilling there most days! You can see the pictures in the post "AINT NOTHING TO FUCK WITH" by Jackie (the very same who you can see in the images above).

The other day, Jackie made me blog this guy. I don't know him, but apparently he moved from the town he lived in, in fear of being stabbed.

That shits pretty real.
I'm sorry for the delay with this post, but all of my "Deekie machines" have been hanging out with The Bear for a while, and today was the day they came back to hang with me.
Incase you don't know what "The Bear" is, perhaps you should observe him below, with a snoot in his mouth, chilling just like Bears do in the lovely city of Barcelona.

Thanks for reading.
, Adair.