new fisheye deekies

first up we have a lovely picture of every one's favourite art fag, the pizzi lizzi i tss.
hopper was pretty sexually frustrated that day. he was like one of those little dogs that tries to hump your leg. here he is desperately trying to penetrate pizzi, who is understandably pretty over it. yeah hopper.

ghetto sean gets stoked on river 5

yeah king adam.

hut one, hut two, hut three, hut, old dirty meldrum live and uncut.
meldy saying peace to all the digital deekie fans out there.
here is a nice picture of the bald herpes bastard that is the yoda. he was on the phone to the jedi council when i took this picture. they informed him that there had been a disturbance in the force and that the yoda must return to the planet naboo to attend a jedi meeting. shortly after this phone call the yoda got in his space ship and fucked off. he hasn't been seen since.

you may not be able to tell who this is as they are hiding behind a cunning disguise crafted from party rings. i can reveal that it is popular cockney art fag, london tom.

blogging has been pretty low quality lately. yesterday we skated whitley bay and got loads of footage and pictures that adairsy promised to post. either i have some sort of visual impairment and can't see adairsy's post or adairsy is slack. yeah adairsy. way up north premiere tomorrow and then it's the weekend so there will undoubtedly be some high quality digital deeking coming to a computer screen near you in the near future. get stoked!
love buster.