photoshop deekies

the summer is over and people are going back to college and school. due to this not as much skating is going to go down and digital deekies posts will suffer. never mind, here is some photoshops to get stoked on

to start off we have "the artfag prison break." the artfag prison loves art and prison break, so he's pretty stoked on this.

here we have some mortal bald herpes yoda's.

this was the first photoshop i ever did, i call it "the artfag boosh"

this is the best photoshop i have ever done. it is also possibly the best photoshop of all time. it features everyone's favourite bald herpes bastard, the yoda. it shows him in his natural environment, accompained by his favourite thing in the world, the cowies.

stay tuned to digital deekies for new never seen before photoshops. they are currently underway and shall be posted in the next few days.

love buster.