Weekend worth of Deekies

Right this weekened was a big one. Finnished uni and got the train to bristol to go the the opening of the new 50-50 shop, I am saying that is shop is the biggest skateshop in England. There was free booze but me and lally go there far to late for that.

Pat was on the session. Or switch front tail slide what ever one you like.

As was I.
After the opening party we went skating at this round about manny spot. Some bangers went down for the Skateboard Cafe video so I can not talk about them. After the session we went back to lallys to watch Kids. I slept on his floor. In the A.M we went out for full English in cereal bowls

Just look at that beast. We then went to the dean lane fun day. This is a down hill skateboard park that is has been in a few video's. Some of the locals thier were telling me what heath Kirchard did there for Mind feild it sounds pritty crazy

Lally hoyed himself a canny few tinnies got a bit over being blogged

Pritty good if you ask me I like the detail.

One of the locals of dean lane had the best tat's ever!
Down for life.

They even had a BBQ there aswell Martin getting pritty real!

Oh and Jeremy Rodgers was also on the session.

After this we went to the club and drunk real cider all night got pritty loose. Went back to lallys for round two. The next day there was a skateboard event on at a pub by Peters house with not one but two mini ramps.

Only one was skateboard able though

Chris oliver was there doing hardflip fakies

Tom came to kill the mini ramp and to get the free food.

I also saw this ship. Dont see them in the tyne every day.

Love Hopper