Whitley Bay Deeeeekies

Today me and Dan started are Jouneys at Gateshead Metro station. What were the chances we would bump into, Create Skate, Weeman, The Log and Torris. Joe let me take a photo of his arse and his new tattoo.
When we arrived at Whitley Bay we were greeted by Ghetto Sean.....
and Ben LDL.
I bought this new deekies machine yesterday. It's a Supersampler, I think it was looking at Bingo's photos that made me look into buying one of these things...and now I have. Look forward to Lomo photo hammers soon. Also recieved some tshirts from Slam City today.
Dan loves to crook handrails,
Blind Johnny got Urban Myth to hook Dan up with some bearings because he focused one of his. This little bairn also got us onto the mini ramp there for free. Aye tsssss.
Dan loved it....
and killed it.....

This couple decided to have a text off on the metro.....
We also bumped into Peter Lally and James, they were off to a pub quiz in tooooooooon.
Oh Love Adam.