Anywhere else but Newcastle.

Right, so today we were over skating Newcastle as it rained like every half hour. We decided to take a trip to the Tynemouth XPerience team extreame weekend. We realised as soon as we got there that it was terrible, but there were alot of little kids that were sure stoked on it.

Firstly, Hopper made us get of the wrong metro stop, Ghetto wasn't happy.

Then we saw the street course, we wernt stoked. After i took this picture all the kids flooded it, Ghetto nearly went on the burst.

So we went outside the tent for a cheeky snoot, and for ghetto to calm his nerves. Whilst we scouled at all the kids.

We then got over it, and left.

We skated to cullercoats metro station where i got a nosebleed, probably from seeing this paintjob

Today wasn't a good day for skateboarding.

The end.