fisheye deekies

i had no money to get my films developed for three weeks. due to this fisheye deekies is pretty late.its here now though so get stoked!

first up we have a lovely picture of lil will and rob_c. when say please and thankyou was cancelled it drove them both into dark holes of wife beating and alcoholism. lil will was recently admitted into rehab and the last time rob_c was seen he was injecting himself with heroin. he said it was the only thing that would numb the pain.
i think chinese joe is allergic to being blogged. he wouldnt let me anywhere near him with my camera. perhaps hes had a bad experience involving an old man, a camera and lots of touching. who knows.

the weeman came out on the session for one day after years of not skating. he swore he was making a come back. as soon as that session was over he returned to his cave of skateboarding hibernation. yeah slack!

create skate taking a rare break from being "fucked on drugs" to grace us with his presence on the session.

theres nothing dan_dvs loves more than melons. he's even in a long term relationship with one. this picture looked a lot better when it was bigger.

love buster.