Kiwi Deekies.

Kiwi is a young man from Gateshead, from looking at his Myspace he loves "Sk8ing everything Listening to music and building ramps in my backyard". Some of his favourite bands are The 88, Avenged Sevenfold and The Kinks he likes mainly gore and comedy films. He is a straight, 5' 6", white, athiest, single man looking for love. He would like kids one day and is a Loaf Inspector. Any ladies interested...get in touch

Well, we tryed to get an exclusive interview with the one and only Kiwi just like all of our fans requested. Here is how it went.....

ADAM says:
Fancy being interviewed for digital deekies?
K I W I says:
fancy getting lost

ADAM says:
Howay, talk about the daily life of a gnarly shredder

K I W I says:
your over with now mann

ADAM says:

and after that I had no reply. Luckily some people were happy to help out with the Kiwi article so here are some views from the local skate scene.....

Dan DVS -
"Kiwi, loves his black metal, hates his fighting. He could get burst off Lethalmoore anyday."

Panda -
"He is shit"

Bro -
"Strange, flightless, bird, fruit with a obsesion with wearing odd hats"

Chutney -
"A 6th former with dirty hair and a passion for skateboarding"

Kiwi doing what he does best.

Love Adam