Loads of Deekies.

Well, people have said the blog has been pretty slack lately, it's pretty much true. To make up for it we have a mad post today and the best of the 120 photos from today.

Lakaight switch
First we have the lakaight switchs' new do.

Matty Smith
Matty Smith has been killing it lately, and today was no different. He doesn't half take some gnarly slams aswell. Here is one.....

But he always ends up rolling something mental, like this boardslide across the wood and rail into the flat. Woaaaaaah.

Watch your self.....

they are looking for you ladies.

Tweakers Galore
Bridges attracts lots of tweakers on a daily basis, here is some of the best/worst from today. They probably all love Digital Deekies though.

She loves it

These 2 love it for sure.

of course this kid loves it

Everysingle one of these fucking love it.

Matching Deekies
Today Dan was disgusted to find someone was biting his style.....

oh my days.

Oh Aye
And as always, we were there to capture it all.

For you.....

Loveeeeee Adam.