Goodbye Rad Nedeekies.

So on Thursday night rather than going to the Hancock like usual I went to Redcar.

Matty Smith took time out of being the leader of the Gestapo to drive us down. The journey was fucking stupid and I heard Matty say a swear word.

London Tom was shotgun because he has better eye sight than me. A little known fact about Tom is that since losing his job as Hitler's stunt double he's just let his moustache run wild.

Peter was there throwing down mad front slashes on the mini.

Matty Smith some how has managed to keep his position in the Gestapo despite having down syndrome.

This photo is late because my camera is shit but if you had seen it a milisecond before you would realise Tom had just shocked you by doing a front 5.0 nosegrab.

Matty has been trying to give up riding up walls or out of them but he just couldn't kick the habit of a lifetime.

I skated a lot of mini because the street was over ran by big boys on big bikes.

So in the end we did go to the Hancock after the session and had a lot of sad goodbyes with everyones favorite Australian.

So me and Matty went skating today but both felt like shit so not much happened.

Matty did do some good skating in the 20 minutes we actually skated.