One fine day....

Saturdays are the day that you don't even have to call anyone, just show at Native 12-12.30ish and you will end up on a decent session. Today was no different, skated a few spots and had a good day. After that I even went to see that film were they make a porno, it was was pretty rad.

Me and Lovely Tom have missed each other.

Adairsy has an impressive wallpaper on his phone.

The amount of tricks that went down here wasn't quite as impressive.

Every spot we skated or passed was full of skateboarders.

Jamie was eyeing up this road gap. He got it rolled pretty easily.

Matty Smith showed up on the scene, so Bish was ready with the camera.

Ben tryed to ruin it for Matty by putting this mine on the run-up.

It didn't stop him though. Here is the action.

More action shots.

Lovely Tom was pleased.