Jeffro's Greatest Hits

Jeffro has been taking photos for years now, him and his afro have taken many of the best and most memorable skatboarding photos from the Newcastle scene. Here, in no order, are some of his favourites...

Scottish Simie - Ollie - Somewhere in Scotland.

This is Sexy Simie, the filmer that loves haggis.

Dan DVS - Backlip - 5 Bridges.

A backlip throw down by Dan, Bish lost the footage.

Jamie - Switch Frontside 180 - Smackhead 10.

This stair set is dirty and horrible, but Jamie didn't really care if he landed on a smack needle.

Peter Lally - Ollie - Somewhere artfags go.

Here is Peter pulling faces for Jeffro and his camera.

Dan DVS - Crooks - Under cover ledge.

This day was just me, Dan and Jeff out taking photos, from what I recall it was pissing down and this was the only place to go.

King Adam - Backside Smith - Get Carter.

I love it.

Adairsy - Kickflip - Law Courts.

I think this might be the oldest of all the photos, tastey on the Quayside.