Manchester Mega Blog Part 2

So we're back in Manchester to finish our story of the black man and his ghost like companion.

We woke up on the Saturday morning feeling pretty rough. Well I did, I felt like dying if I'm going to be totally honest.

This was how stoked I was on wearing Lakai Manchester's in Manchester. This is also how stoked I was on not being able to eat my two bacon sandwiches as I'd brushed my teeth with a denture brush and now was in agony.

The Black Bish loved this cafe, so much so that he decided to appear like he wasn't even in the house. It was bargains in there. £1.50 for a bacon sarnie and 60p for Pepsi MAXX, best breakfast ever, except I couldn't chew properly.

So breakfast finished at about 2 as we were all feeling lathargic. Mary needed to do an essay and for some reason me and Bish constantly requesting her to put Dirty Nasty on wasn't helping so Kirtsy and her boyfriend Sam took us to town.

We were pretty stoked to see this giant slide in the middle of the town but due to Bish's bag and my pump we decided to give it a miss, and it was like £3 for one go and full of little kids. I'm not down for sharing a slide with little kids, there's a time and a place for their playtime and it ends when the Black Bish wants to slide.

So rather than the shit international market we have in Newcastle they just have a gnarly german market which includes a real beer hall. Matty Smith would have loved it.

There were also some pretty gay knights knocking about. They were not raping or pillaging and they didn't seem to care that there were Germans here.

Bish was shocked to find out that his whole religion is pretty much the freak show of Gods. We found this calendar which proclaimed "These bizarre Gods are put on posters all over India. A shocking new god each month."

Alledgedly the chimps had been on tour.

So we went out that night I believe, I have no photos to document it as I life the camera in the flat and Bish is not the blogger he used to be. Pretty much we got drunk, I shouted at X Factor and became a horrible man.

The next day I wanted to die a lot. We went to the match and were the only two people in the whole bar, it was pretty sick. I dragged Bish out of the flat to go on the session as I wanted to get some air and we just cruised Manchester. Really nice city for cruising. We played skate in some big plazas and I skated a little ledge into a bank. Sadly the time it takes between pressing the button on my camera and the photo taking left no photos of what I actually did. However here is a photo of me rolling up to it.

So we went back to the flat because it was Elle's birthday and we were making a cake. I say we but I mean Bish because I have a short attention span and just enjoyed mixing and occasionally eating the icing sugar.

All in all the cake was bright red and full of sugar so much so that I was wired for the next few hours from it.

We then left and went to Karaoke. It was pretty dead but some lass got up and belted "Don't marry her fuck me" but the dull version without fuck in it. Bish then put himself in three times forgetting that not many other people had put them in so Bish sang, sat down for a song then got up and song two more. Words cannot describe the joy of watching an Asian man hurl his shirt across the stage and play airguitar for 45 seconds.
Bish was stoked.

So I got far to drunk that night, acted like a cock, knocked Lucy over, apoligised millions of times then went to sleep. I had promised people that I was staying the next night but when I woke up I was over it. Like a million times over it so after Mary hoovered the room with Henry the hoover I said my goodbyes and went home.

All in all Manchester was a session and I'd like to say thanks to Mini John and all his flat for letting me stay and Mary and her flat for letting me stay and Flat 6 for letting me get drunk and act like a dick.