"I call people slack because ive made two posts in the last month or two"

Speaks for itself, anyway...

Following on from "i hardly turn upto the session"s post, here's a few pictures from Ghetto's game of skate, and Saturday night.

Adam brought along his mini-me to watch the game

Dale was stoked, "Holla at ya boy"

Danny boy got that shit down, he was super stoked on winning. He's a calm lad as you can see, as you get to the bottom of the post you can deekie what Dan was like when i left him at the end of the night. Now the game of skate had finished, we all went home to get some scran to go out for Ransons leaving do.

If you have me on Facebook only then will you see all the pictures that i took on the night out, im not uploading 122 photo's on here. Anyway, Ranson looked like he was having a good night, he was even sick in a pint glass and left it behind a sofa for someone to find.

Grand master Jackie was on the session.

"you wanna touch my face?"
And yes, i did touch his face... yeah bishcam.

This is the sign of a good night out! well done on the win.

Love Dan