Simie's Top 5s

Top 5 reasons to come to Newcastle?
1. Friendly people
2. Skate spots
3. the accents
4. Never had a bad trip there
5. Bridges

Top 5 reasons to visit Aberdeen?
1. Friendly people
2. Good nights out
3. People always keen to skate
4. Transition skatepark
5. You get to experience the REAL north

Top 5 Newcastle skateboarders?
1. Dan dvs
2. Jamiegobang
3. Peter lally
4. Jeffro
5. king adam
(6. spaka kris)

Top 5 tricks you've filmed in toooon
1. Miller c bs lip a bench at bridges
2. Go bang bluntslide prissick hubba
perhaps another question? My memory is shit.

Top 5 things you would like to do next time your inToon?
1. Have a night oot, never been oot in toon
2. Skate bridges
3. Carve exi
4. Film some shit
5. Meet new people that skate/dont skate
and hopefully this will be next month!

Top 5 scottish skateboarders?
2. Kerr Mclachlan
3. Dave Lane
4. Adam Logan
5. Haydn Morgan

Top 5 things to love?
1. Skateboarding and all the things that go with it
2. Trips
3. Bob Dylan
4. Women, yeah cliche answer perhaps but true
5. Driving everywhere and never walking anywhere because I'm lazy as fuck

Top 5 things to hate?
1. Ingrowing toe nails
2. The "keyboard" on iphones
3. The 1 hour drive I have to do everytime I skate aberdeen
4. Haters
5. Also the term "credit crunch," its recession