the ultimate mega blog

saturday sessions went down as usual today. it was dry and we had a mortal session.

rob_c aka slack_c aka muslim_c was on the session.
dan ate some shit while filming.

crouching tiger hidden laygite.

dan's board nearly got ran over. he also focused his knee while jumping over the fence to get it, murked.

we skated 55 degrees north for ages. it was shit and everyone was over it.
danny did a canny few nollie tres into car park bank. i'm not sure if this is a good picture or not. it might be though.

plants got watered.

adairsy was on the session.

this was on the wall at pilgrim street.

danny basicly ripped shit up today. switch over the fence.

we saw heelflip mark at the carpark next to the hand, he was flexing his emotional muscle.

the kiwi was also there, he layed down a canny few kiwis, i was stoked.

lazerflip steve took a break from unleashing scatman uberpwnag3 on n00bs and trollin' to come skating. an intresting fact about him is that his best friend is the internet.

little will wore my clothes.

hereeeeeeee! ghetto sean sessioned a bump.

dan busted out the one foots.

danny threw down some back foot catches, stoked on over exposure.
dan's heel got focused.

the tweakers had a field day at the bank spot. they built a mega ramp and lit a fire on it, stoked for them. little will got mad air over it, you can't really see the fire but it was gnarly.

if you look closely at this picture you can see a tweaker on the roof. stoked on that.

little connor got straight up murked.

the facial expression pretty much says it all.

love buster.