free redbull

today was ghetto sean's game of skate/ free redbull day.

andyo was on the session, looking like some sort of creature.

the redbull machine was aswell. it was a car and it had a dj booth and a tv attached to it and it had loads of free redbull inside. the best machine of all time.

free redbull i tss

free redbull i tss

free redbull i tss

little will was stoked on free redbull.

as were king adam, mellon and the black bish.

as was the artist formely known as the arse kid.

mellon got taken out by the black bish in the first round. he was pretty over it.

yeah the black bish.

little connor filled his bag with free redbull. he won't be getting to sleep for the rest of his life.

the kiwi was on the session. he didn't enter the game of skate though. if he had the consiquences would have been endless. the newcastle skate scene would probably never have been the same again.

handyo i tss.

the black bish was wearing a tshirt with himself on it because he is his own number 1 fan. stoked on that.

i think king adam filmed the final, so footage and the pictures he took are on their waygay.

love buster.