the session started off at native as usual.

we took over native. then we realised native was shit and went on the session.

we went to this gap near the quayside. danny was on the session.

dan dvs got it pop shuved. other tricks went down but this was the only good picture i got.

then we went to the wasteland. the block had loads of plastic and shit melted onto it for the second day in a row. my solution; catch the ragis in bear traps and melt plastic onto them. we'll see how bidda-bidda-belta they are then.
me and dan made a polejam.
dan got it done. picture by mellon.
i got it done. picture by ben ldl.

no comply picture by mellon.
johnny noseslide.
dan front tail.

ghetto back tail.

skating picture of the day dan dvs kickflip.

love buster.