The Same Place at The Same Time

Everyone is out to blog these days, which in some ways is good, like it's alright to be slack posting every now and then. Another plus is basically everyone blogging is blogging for dD, but with the good comes the bad such as blogging basically the same things from the same day, of the same people, but I promise I will post some new ideas soon. Maybe a day in the life of The Kiwi or 'Straight Eye For The Art Fag'. So many possibilties. We are currently planning something sick for Go Skateboarding Day so get stoked on that deekies i tss. Until then here are some photos from today...

Dan and Will checking photos with the Chronicle guy. He was stoked on Little Will until me and Buster had a best trick competition over him while he was lying down.

I don't even need to explain the photo above, if you know you know.

Snowball was killing it today. This might even be a first appearance on dD.

Andy O wasn't missing the local coverage so he came in his best get up to get down.

Guess who I bumped into on the bus.