the session started off at native.
matty smith was on the session.
as was adhairsy.
as was OG exi sessioner and lover of a breakfast, dudley.
we sat here for ages and went to seaburn.
the blindy was laying down a canny few shralps. front disaster.
radical shralpless.
lean to shralp.
shralpside air.
then he got burst and started to bleed.
yeah the blinky.

then the arse kid got over and busted out some mad air.
we found blast from the past chutney v.2. adairsy got stoked on him.
joev was laying down transition hammers all day.

matty smith back 360. tweaked angle.

glen tre flip.
rob_c filmed a montage containing the most epic party line of all time. hopefully it should be coming soon.
love buster.