the session started off at river 5 today.

little will heelflip, dan dvs favourite snoot.

little connor was on the session meditating. he said he was trying to reach super sayan so he could unleash his true hammers.

another one of dan's favourite poses.

little connor layed down hammers.

a dog was on the session.

as was this guy.

skating picture of the day, little will varial heel. this picture could be pretty epic if it wasn't shut down by the tweaker bgps. i'll photoshop them away when i'm not slack.

the umpa lumpas were on the session.

horkan and his magic beard.

dan dvs grip tape art. this picture is ment to be the other way but it rotates itself when i try and upload it. stokens.

the wigga dale murked himself on k grinds. then we were over it.

love buster.