dD Cake

So my dearest flatmate The Black Bish made a drunken claim after the best of KOTHM that he would make a cake for Buster. Weeks went by and it looked like The Black Bish had told a Black lie. This is similar to a white lie except the otherside of the spectrum. A white lie is used to stop someone from getting hurt whilst a black lie hurts you and everyone that lie has ever been with.

Anyway, I was sitting in college working hard when I received a telephone call. I stopped from my work, I started to sweat, I felt weak in the knees. It was happening....the cake was going ahead. Now my original plan was to rush home and watch it all happen but since my tutor was annoyed at me arriving at 12, there wasn't much  chance she'd be stoked to let me go  home at 12.30.

Luckily Buster was on scene to blog that shit on my camera.

So from what I can tell, Bish went to the Coop and took a myspace photo of himself with all of the ingredients.

Everyone then seemed to stop and admire Buster's fine tshirt. The design is fresh and the choice of colour is just perfect.

Bish recently put three people in hospital due to a cake related accident, since then he's been to scared to just wing it like the old days.

To people who aren't regular Cake-eteers this may look like sick. You would be right, this is in fact vomit and totally unrelated to this blog.

So the cake wasn't going well and Bish and Buster were disheartened but luckily two regulars from the Flat managed to come and save the day, they took the form of kind of Misfigured Bird Guy and Sort of Mexican Wrestling Gimp Man.

So to cut a long story short, the cake was saved and I returned home to eat to much icing.

Then this happened.

Word up, Digital Deekies in the house.

Love Mellon