the session started at smooth path. the skate dice got deekied.

the black bish even got in on that shit.

sessions went off in matty smith's car.

art fag shotgun.

king adam hailed satan.

we skated aldi ledge for ages. marra kurt was on the session.

matty smith got stoked on a barbie doll.

adairsy was over it and gave it a bursting.
then we went to some handrail. adairsy took some pretty sick pictures that he claimed he'd blog. oh aye.

matty smith armed robbery.

kurt 5-0, tweaked angle. hand rail pictures - hard to take.

we skated bridges today. dan dvs ollie up nose bonk off.

johnny kickflip.

wizzley snipes heelflip, late.

dan dvs got feebles on the block on lock down.

wizzley snipes learned front ks.

session over
love buster.