pretty slack i tss

these pictures are from the saturday before last.

Joe v is apparently african, he even wears this to prove it.

adairsy was stoked on this graphic.

serg was on the session at bridges.

as was king adam laying down tweaked ollies.

the arsekid deekied himself a crunch corner then layed down some hammers.

this was the best picture i got of jamies blunt. not landed.

these are the pictures from last saturday.

tom fone was on the session at bridges before the blind premiere.

as was matty smith's hd super camera.

ghetto sean gang signs.

the blinky was shredding the mini ramp. kiwi in off the extension.

i don't know what this is called.

the jump ramp competition lasted about 10 minutes then it started raining. dedicated shralpers joe v and blinky kept skating though. joe v pop shuv.

blinky layed down a selection of hammers including this sort of airwalk.

he took home the prize with a early grab back 360 in the rain.

the kiwi and glen got stoked on the blind premiere.

yeah heelflip mark.

dan dvs reppin millies cookies.

love buster.