an deekie

sunday session started at pig and whistle;

the yoda got over being slack and came back on the session.

he pretty much picked up where he left off.

dan dvs ollie over the handrail.

yeah the kiwi.

yeah heelflip marc.

the yoda focused his board at the church ledge and has no money for a new one. yeah the yoda.

dan dvs filmed hammers.

then did a front biggie on harry bastard.

we sessioned the wasteland today.

dan dvs was swettin like a bitch.

backlip on the new epic block. it looks shit but is actually a session.

i decided to get my art on. this looks shit from far away.

danny got noseblunts on lock down. i think this is the make. auto focus broke today and manual only turns round half way. focus-ed.

jimbo put down hammers, full cab lip, murked without sequence.

the black bish did not approve. session over.

love buster.