west jesmond

we skated west jesmond school yesterday. the stairs are a deekie.

little wizzley focused his kingpin then was taken over by red mist and descended into a ginger jamie style stress rage. then he sat on a wall for the rest of the session.

little connor is this solid.

he also likes to lay down full cabs. although it doesn't look like it, this was the make. front foot steez

ghetto sean loves kiwis. he pretends to be joking when he does them but really they're his favourite trick.

glen was on the session.

he even got his artse on

crushed cracker juice kept me hydrated throughout the day.

dan ollied over a bench

rob_c was over it.

shit got real with dan's deck

he didn't care and busted out some front side flips. then shit got realer and it snapped.

he wasn't going to let that stop him filming hammers though.

little connor was into that shit.

then cherry shut the session down with a beast of a switch flip.

wizzley snipes = mind blown

love buster.