the arse kid aka glen sutherland top 5s

top 5 newcastle tweakers not including yourself
american ryan
pure skater 70
the crazy bam kid from bridges
little will

top 5 newcastle skateboaders
dan dvs
buster (for the tweaked tricks)
king adam

top 5 tre flips.
sid melvin
justin brock
billy marks
dennis durant

top 5 things about being called the arse kid
i have a nickname i suppose
the recognition
im not even sure thats how i land tricks
my pants arn't as tight as they were two years ago
heelflip mark loves me more

top 5 things about being from the lethal west end
the sandwich shop down the street
my marra lives round corner
spaka kris was raised here
waxed curbs
LMD/SMD/TMD sprayed everywhere. for those who don't know that's lemington mad dogs/ scotchy mad dogs/ throckley mad dogs.

top 5 things spaka kris has said to you
"i can't wait to go shoot people"
"i ollied south street 7"
" is your mam in? i fancy a snoot"
"this kid thinks he's jamie thomas"
"i put you in a sleeper hold and knocked you out, are you ok?"

top 5 intresting facts about ginger jamie
he has chocolate in his room from last easter
he has fucked up teeth
he broke his ankle in reynolds 3s and claims they are all cursed.
he is addicted to coca cola
he has a pet frog that buster tried to stab with a fork

top 5 arses
that lass from the black eyed peas
kermit the frog

top 5 things about once being a park tweaker
learning how to skate transition
learning how not to skate transition
the 2 set
having bbqs with random park shredders
the occasional sight of div adam coming to shred the park

top 5 black gangster skateboarders
brandon biebel
antwuan dixon
stevie williams
ghetto sean

top 5 reasons to be dedicated to digital deekies
it's addictive
epic sessions
good photos
people getting jipped
the logo