Dirty Dave Deekies - Day 2-3 London

After a night of trying to sleep whilst Bish snored for Britain we awoke to find Matty, Bish and Tom spooning.

We left the house feeling a bit rough and said goodbye to our gracious host Sam who's party it was.

We then went to Stockwell which is my favorite park. It was empty except for one guy who looked like the roadie for Aerosmith.

This was what Bish thought of it.

After this shit got real pretty quick and some rude boys from the ghetto next to it decided they did not like us and we skated away with our tails between our legs.

We then got a bus out of Brixton where apparently if you are a resident it requires you to wear a tshirt saying THUG LIFE and smoke a joint.

Dave and Tom are real London G's and sat on the back of the bus.

Jamie and Bish are squares who sit at the front.

We then went to East India blocks which are high and not at all as easy to skate as John Tanner makes them look. I was over it and went to buy food because I was not down and for this reason I took no photos. We then went to a second spot which Bish has been keeping a secret and Dave got real. He gained the nickname Dirty Dave Vise after falling off into dirt about a million times and sweating more than Horkan on a sunny day in his car.

Tom made a new friend.

We then went to another spot which had wallrides, ledges, drops and crackheads. Dirty Dave got real before declaring that he was the colour of Bish and was over landing in dirt. Jamie Adair loved the spot.

We then saw Bish's new place of work.

We finally got home and to honour me blogging hard for two days, Tom's mum decided to have a BBQ. I had some man meals which were only meat and bread. Jamie Adair was possessed by the diet of Gok Wan and decided on this.

Dirty Dave had left us to go change LRG tshirts but arrived just in time to see the mountain of Mini Rolls.

This mountain swiftly disappeared.

We decided to go for a short skate the next day providing it was dry. We woke and it was nice and sunny. Mrs Whittle gave us a rad leaving breakfast which involved about fifteen dead pigs. It was rad, Sam and Dave came over to get involved.

This is what Matty Smith thought of the Whittle household's host skills.