epic spot.

red bull sent us some free stickers, stoked on that. feel free to send us more free stuff.

first spot was queens banks, adairsy got it done.

backside not landed.

we went to this school in sandyford but got kicked out pretty quickly by an old granny in the retirement home next to it. apparently, inside it people are ill and people are dying, fair enough old granny.

a pretty sick cat was on the session outside matty smith's house.

it was stone cold chillin.

it even got it's art on.

after hours of searching, we found the epic spot. it's in a completely different place to where we had been told it was. it was sick as fuck though.

matty smith tre off the side.

adairsy nose wheelie, picture by matty smith. not many pictures got taken because i was having too much fun skating it, hammers went down though.

the black bish's facial expression reflects his answer to the question "what would you like to do to rob_c's jail bait booty call black ass?" he's all about that shit.

matty smith took some epic burstings, here are some pictures of him in pain;

burstings over, hammer done. an epic kiwi off this thin as fuck platform thing into a bank. gnarlier than it looks.

adairsy drank some water, then we were over it.

love buster.