es game of skate.

yesterday was the es game of skate at bridges.

the mini kiwi was on the session.

as were the toms, taking a short break from their favourite fixies.


8 people playing skate in that little square all at once, shit got real.

the kiwi came to bridges straight from work. he forgot to change out of his pimp hat.

turn out was pretty good.

ginger jamie was wearing his new supra sky tops.

yeah chris cole.

wizzley snipes was over it.

weapon of war i tss.

probably the best picture i've ever taken.

as expected, andyo stormed the finals.

the yoda was stoked to fuck on the mega phone.

the es guy got it done.

the L block got sat on.

prudhoe burger was on session.

yeah the arse kid 2nd place!

scott cherry switch ollie over the L block off his lips on grolsch, epic!

just jamie 3rd place, stoked!

dan won the best trick comp on the L block even though cherry switch ollied over it. cherry= batman and robined.

danny took 1st place with badman nollie hardflips. stoked!

product toss= session. the bairns were going waygild.

deekie the stokens on little connors face for winning a t shirt.

bairn mosh pit i tss.

now that the session is over the yoda has returned to his jedi cave of slackness.

glen was stoked on es.

for little wizzley's birthday connor hit up moon pig to get him a card. it was a hannah montana one, little wizzleys favourite.

hope you raped?

little connor was also stoked on es.

as was dan.

and the ghetto sean.

jamie ended the day with a frontside nosebonk on the end of the hubba over loads of shit left on it.

love buster.