pizzi lizzi has returned from bristol and is claiming back smiths on the wasteland rail. to warm himself up he did one on the rail at exy.

the black bish was shutting down skateboarding as usual. noseslide shuv down the 4.

epic front feebles.

king adam was shutting down the giant rail. front nose.

front k?

lethal was on the session, wearing sun glasses over him normal glasses. yeah lethal!

he also had a zippo with his name engraved on it. yeah lethal!

lethal is without a doubt the gulliest badman this side of brixton.

pizzi put down some bmx hammers.

wizzley snipes has recently come to terms with his homosexuality. too scared to come out of the closet, he's decided to leave people hints, yeah pink nail varnish!

stoked on this.
blayne v.2 was on the session.
wizzley back heel the rose and crown road gap. this picture needs editing, i'll do it later i tss.
love buster