today was a pretty good session. we hit the wasteland hard and fast.

the session started off at native. leeroy jenkins was chilling with his crew.

on a hot day like today most people get stoked on ice cream. the blinky however gets stoked on cold soup.

king adam was blogging fish eye hammers.

the heat was too much for the black bish to handle.

matty smith lubricated himself up.

tom fone rocked out.

as usual the blinky shralped the quarter. nose pick

blunt front 180 in.

an epic kiwi.

the arse kid was also laying down some hammers.

as was the black bish. roll away into the water? gnarly as fuck.

peanut butter m&ms=sesh1.


basicly the gnarliest thing ive ever seen. wait for pigs in wigs.

matty smith cooled off before laying down a hammer.

back 180 out the quarter over the bank. sick i tss.

love buster.