a day of deekies

the session started at dove ledge, it's a lot harder to skate than i remember.

hopper sat down because he was scared he'd fall over the edge if he skated it. yeah hopper.

gnarly sean was on the session. k grind.

the black bish is all about antwuan dixon jesus.

hopper is all about the hoes.

someone balanced a shoe on the lamp post on the other side of the drop. i'm presuming it was a skateboarder because the shoe was an emerica. whoever it was probably risked their life doing it, stoked.

then we went to the wing hong to sesh1 some food. the black bish went for dried cuttlefish. it looked like an absolute whitey, quote "that smells like out of date vagina."

the king adam went for a more sensible option.

chocolate popcorn=stoked.

gnarly sean got gnarly on the casino wallie. blunt pop in.

then we went to white college. heelflip mark ollied some stairs.

then got burst. jamie_c pop shuved the big 3, king adam took a picture. get it blogged.

jamie_c noseslide hammers.

it wasn't the black bish's day and he ate shit a lot.

love buster.