Make a buskers deekies

So Rad Ned returned yesterday and the session has truly started again.

Since his departure last year the wasteland has been built on a lot so we went to see what stunts we could do there.

When we got there Hopper had turned up and was just putting all of the essentials into his manly bag. Sadly he could only fit so much makeup in and had to keep his lipstick in his pocket.

Everyone was stoked to see Ned, this photo is rad because the sky is pretty real, also because Ned is in it.

Blind Jonny was killing it on the quarter. His glasses were also killing it by giving me the feeling of being seasick after wearing them.

Ben C was rocking some pretty big wheels with some tight trucks. He was also doing 270 to feeble which was rather special.

Rad Ned thought the quarter was rad and proved it by doing back 5.0 across it.

Glen ollied the gap especially for dD and put in extra back leg steeze just because Ned was back.

He also front shuved it just for dD but someone was trying to bite the photo. Sadly held on fisheyes from a distance never lead to a super duper bloggable photo.

Jimmy Roy Adams was out and ate shit because he pushes mongo.

Tom Fone also landed one of the sickest flatground tricks ever. Check it out