saturday sesh3

first spot was smack head ten. the BNPiwi was on the session. he announed that he hates the black bish.

danny let khuslen cut his hair, now he looks like joev. session over.

little connor and the cougar, gay love.

hammers may or may not have gone done. all the picture were too dark though.

the cougar's little brother loves tac.

the next spot was the car park near dove ledge. we stayed there too long.

front row seats to the cougar gun show.

we saw the empty life crew on the way to the next spot. the wee man was riding a bike. he's not gay though so it wasn't a fixie.

the kiwi was on the session.

as was heelflip mark.

the weeman's bike was a hoisty.

alex was sessioning some pizzi lizza.

rob_c gave little wizzley some chong and it sent him on a skitzy, he was tripping to fuck and thought he was justin brock. tre flip over the hip. click on it @s

love buster.