Mega blogging

So my internet is fucking shit and I haven't been able to blog so here's a mega blog from the big smoke and Manchester.

Hopper came down to stay for skating and to see the Flip Premier. The Flip premier was alright, nothing amazing. Penny was shit and probably should just stick to smoking weed and hiding from drug dealers who want to kill him.

Bish was also down for Flip, food and skating. He hit up the shop at Liverpool street while we were waiting for a tube because someone focused themself by diving under the train at Mile End.

I live in the ghetto, so far there's been two stabbings on my road and I've heard gunshots twice a week. It's pretty real, obviously Hopper felt wearing this tshirt would save him from getting merked.

We went to Mile End, it's rad but the floor is slippy. Bish killed it with back 5.0s over the bowl which is pretty real. He stepped his game up while he was here. Did he do something down Southbank stairs? You can only wait and see for Pigs in Wigs.

After Mile End we went to Cantelowes, it's sick but Hopper wasn't feeling it.

On the way back Hopper was nearly wetting himself so the little man went to find the toilet, sadly the mens was out of order so he had to use the womens. Probably a low point in a normally persons life but Hopper didn't care. Sadly he left his board in there and had to run back to get it.

Black Bish's brother lives like royalty, he's got the same set up as Bish. A nice flat, a balcony and a big ol Mac. He also has a pretty real Indian restaurant next to his house. Hopper loves it, he advises to order the glory hole.

We then went to East India ledges. They're massive and too hard to skate so I sat down and brooded.

We hit up some better ledges which are slightly smaller but harder to skate because they're next to a big ol' lake. I dropped a bomb then did one because the session was dying like Black Bish without his brown bag.

So my lass came to stay and it was a session. We went to the zoo, the giraffes are mental. Also turns out they don't die if they put their heads on the floor.

Steph went home and Hopper was gone as well so me and Bish went to Mudchute. Bish learnt Front 5.0s and Front feebles.

So we went out that night and hit up my Student Union bar, it's pretty dire but it was cheap. Bish hit up the sofa session. I failed to mention to him that they have bed bugs and everyone who sits on them gets bite marks.

So after the week we went up to Manchester for the same reasons as always. Have a little bit of a skate, bit of a dancing and some drinking.

London Tom brought his very best pyjamas.

Bish claimed that he was going to fight Sam who's house we stayed at. There were a lot of rash claims about him being the best at fighting. As this photo proves he is in fact 100% full of shit and Sam would have flattened him into a very camp butler shaped mess.

We ended up going to yet another rock club. Kurt was stoked.

Bish loves to rock, when asked about the club he declared "It's iyte."

As he does at every single club night we go to that plays rock and metal, Bish took his top off. Ladies swooned and men glared. He's a brown Alfie.

So after listening to Pantera and other such joyful bands we left. I was pretty tired and went to sleep. I was not feeling fresh in the morning.

And then I took a 6 hour coach journey home with a man from Liverpool telling me why I should move to Liverpool from London. Stoked.

Love Mellon