6 skateboarders, 1 fixie polo enthusiast, 1 car and 1 8 pack of redbull. session on.

we hit the road hard and fast.

this guy was on the hitch hiking session at a petrol station we stopped at. he had to be blogged but when we drove past him my gay broken lens fell off and no picture went down. tom kirkby got over it and busted out a police chase high speed reverse back up to him, waited for me to blog him then sped off into the distance. the hitch hiker didn't have a clue what was going on.

adam, glen and the weeman were stoked to nearly be in scotland.

then we were in scotland, next stop manny mania.

everyone was stoked, it was all too much for jamie who just kept staring at the sign and couldn't quite believe it.

the excitement was also a bit too much for tom. if he hadn't made it to the field in time shit could have got real.

then we made it to manny mania.

free etnies and redbull, stoked!

they made us wait outside for ages.

king adam wasn't stoked.

digital deekies number 1 fan ben powell was on the session outside.

tom kirkby was on the buttons wheeling up bumbaclart riddims.

glen was stoked on skating the course before the comp started. big heel out the wave thing.

then he heard a rumour that his all time hero dan cates was lurking somewhere and decided to embark on an epic quest to find him.


double murked.

jamie sat down for a bit then was ready to put down hammers.


blunt, manny mania was a dark dark place and good pictures weren't happening.

dan dvs killed his heat and made the final. jamie also killed it in his heat but got out shredded by some scottish people.

dan dvs also killed the finals. 4th, 100 quid and a board, stoked on that!

after hours of desperatley searching glen found dan cates and his dream came true. luckily i was there to blog such a beautiful moment.

after the comp was over dan went round the redbull fridges and filled his bin bag. then we went home. we thought the hitch hiker might still be there but he wasn't.

big thanks to tom for hooking us up and taking us and thanks to redbull for paying for the car.