Hold Tight Slackness

So I haven't blogged in time because I'm slack and I've got shit internet.

Today we went to Kennington bowl which is fucking rad. It's one of the original bowls from the 80s and is an absolute session. It's full of cracks and pretty hard to skate but worth a trip if you're ever in London. We went yesterday and it was full of leaves so today we got two of 99pLand's finest brushes and cleaned it up.

Nick and Tom were stoked on sweeping so I documented the event. They're both on my course at uni and kill it.

It's under some massive trees so there was a massive pile by the time we were finished.

Tom kills it and proved this with a k grind on the pool coping quarter.

Nick snaps boards all the time. To add to the fact that this quarter is sketchy as fuck, his board is snapped and he kept having to push it back together through the day.

Tom is the owner of one of the finest t shirts in the world.

He is also the owner of a massive kickflip but due to my shit camera skills it didn't get the justice it deserved.

Also since I haven't blogged in a while, here's a treat with Bell doing one of the biggest ollies at London Bridge.

Love Mellon