Congratulations Andy Scream O
You all voted and I am proud to announce your Tweaker of The Year year is none other than spagetti legs himself, Andy O.

Some facts:
  • Favourite activity "Skatin :p lol"
  • Favourite Quote "I would do anything for love"
  • He loves metal "as long as it aint classical"
  • "blow my own trumpet, but im a computer whizz"

How some would describe Andy O...

"Andy Yo is probably going to be found unconcious and naked in a barn south west of yorkshire, surrounded by farm animals in the near future i believe." Lazerflip Steve

"A true skateboarding hero that has influenced the way i stylise all my tricks" Adam stitt

"The boy had a swastica on his board coz it looked cool, nuff said" Bish

Hopefully an interview with the man himself very soon.