Right, everyone knows the number 1 food the dD team love is chicken, not just any chicken, cheap fried chicken. So we took it upon ourselves to test all the best chicken joints out around town and tell you where you should be eating.

First stop for us was Chicken Cottege, this is a favourite of many skateboarders, they like to hit up the chicken poppers and chips combo.

Hopper was pretty happy with the quality, he will only eat chicken from the bone so you know no one has been fucking about with it. His verdict though, was 6/10.

Liam got a selection of chicken and thought it was so good he couldn't help but suck on them bones. Good eatin'!

Next spot was King's Chicken. Looks pretty fancy compared to most.

The food here even came on a plate, with salad and dressing, although this was pretty pointless, it is a fried chicken shop, even if you sell peri peri and have knives and forks you aren't quite Nandos. We even found a buy one get on free on fried chicken flyer on the floor and we were all over that shit.

Liam wasn't a fan of the skin, and we all know the best part of fried chicken is the skin. Verdict - Weak.

The one the only KFC.

Never a let down, although the first time we went today they had no chicken, which is a sick sick sick sick joke to me. The colonel needs to sort that out.

We then went cruising on a hunt for any others that we couldn't think of on our way to Dixy Chicken...

but we know are shit and didn't bump into any. I usually only go here after a night out, and have seen a friend that shall not be named whitey into a bag a couple of times here. The mega mix burger is what it is all about usually, but sober I cannot handle it at all.

This guy must eat a lot of chicken...

Josh went for one of the cheap ones...

Verdict - Over it.

I am going to say you can't really beat good old KFC, maybe the Colonel is having a few problems, with the one on Northumberland street closing down and having no chicken at one point, but I am still going to give him 'Digital Deekies Chicken Shop of the Year 2009'

After all those chickens we ate we thought we would hit some real street spots. This was the first day it was actually dry in a long time.

Not many people hit up these stairs but they are sick, the ground is pretty rough and it is in such a sketchy area, but it can be a good session.

Second stair tail slides...

As it got later, it got much colder, next spot - Newcastle college.

Nothing really went down, these pictures just show we were there.

We were pretty over paying for the Centre of Life ice rink, so hit up this raw one...

Afro Josh killed it!


Love Adam.