What? No snow?

Finally it's time for dry days. As it is coming to the end of the month, we've been out filming for Matty's Monthly Montage, which should you should see here in a couple of days maybe.

Today's crew was Tom,



and Jamie

The First spot was good ol' China town, lines were filmed, laughs were had, tea was drank, floor was dusty.

Jamie C led us to one of his top secret hammer spots, judging by Bish's face, it was pretty real.

and if you don't trust him, have a look yourself...

Next stop. River 5.

After a brief session of rocking out filming started.

Matty and Jamie had some tricks in mind.

Tom wondered what his next stunt would be....

as he watched Matty's monthy stunt.

Moments later, Tom not only discovered his next trick to do, but a new nick name....Tom Cone.

Slaying it.

happy chap.

Everyone else has done their skateboarding, so Neill tryed to get Bish to do his...

Footage cheeeeck.

Jackie ended the day by getting his tits out...

if you want to buy Jackie's tit's just click the picture