"Basically if I've got a rock on, I'm gonna cum no matter what"

Basically Kate was having a party and Bish decided he wanted to do his own version of Faking It and try to be white for the night.

He didn't want to just be white though, he wanted all out drag queen white and wore tights and a sparkly top.

In reality it was an Irish themed party and Bish was being Michael Flattely. Jackie being Jackie went all out and wore a jaunty hat. Party was pretty rad, there was a cocktail area and I was killing it making mad juices. Jackie and me entertained ourselves by making drinks for Bish one which consisted of vodka, 3/4 of a bottle of green shit which was 55% and some tequila.

Hilarity followed.
Here is Bish's monthly drunken, slightly racist, slightly homoerotic rant at the Newcastle skate scene.