Todays session

So Heelflip Mark kicked of the day with a fair few secret hammers and then this happend.........
He got a little scratch on his finger claiming it was burst, I told him to show his finger to the blog machine and this is what he done.
So the empty life crew had a proper glance at shoes in Native there was only one thing coming.......
Heelflip Mark could hardly breath when Jackie presented him with these sneakers, I said to him I didn.t think green was your colour he replyed by saying "if Chris Cole saw me in these he would go eeeeee" don't quite know what that mean but I think it might be a good thing.
So the day was coming to an end and Heelpmark was making a mess od Brewery Banks and King Adam was snapping me on his phone, I don't know what was up with the Kiwi's pants but he pulls it off.

kiwi flip

Stitt the tit.